--- Cobra Arch ---


The hike to the Cobra Arch is about 7 mi long, round trip.
Thereby a good 650 ft height must be overcome.
There is no shade. Again, the way is the goal.
All photos have the GPS data in the Exif.

Pano of 5 photos: view from Cobra Arch:
Coyote Buttes South on the left, Wave area in the notch on the right.


just before Cobra Arch


The destination - best photo time noon


Coming from Page take the 89 towards Kanab.
After 30 mi, just after crossing the Paria River, turn left onto the
Long Valley Road, which you follow for 8 mi until you reach parking 1.
directly at a bush on the right side behind a fence.

Attention: no shade, lots of sand!

GPS data
Trailhead 1: N37°02'39.9" - W111°55'13.4"
Trailhead 2: N37°03'10.4" - W111°54'14.0"
Cobra Arch:  N37°01'15,2" - 111°53'43,6"
Spider Butte: N37°02'49.6" - W111°54'01.5

after the descent to the "lower level", it is better to keep
better in a larger distance to the steep face - this way
so you get halfway level to the vicinity of the Arches.
At the end then a short climb up the left

the Track


Track of the approach
from Hwy.89


Update:  11.12.2021

The path over the Spider Butte offers further
photographic elements.
From the Spider Butte to the Cobra Arch
 it is 1.8 miles.
Shortly before the Cobra you
the steep descent.
However, there are accessible routes.

And one more hint:
there is no shade!
The whole circuit from parking lot 1
via the standard path to the Cobra
and back via the Butte is exactly 7 mi long.
The differences in altitude to be overcome
are manageable.