The Moqui Fields above the Zebra Slot


Bert Kubik, the model photographer


On the way we met Kassandra who joined us


The zebra slot from above


Knee deep water
at the beginning of the Zebra Slot


It's really not for fat people!


. . . on the way to the zebra slot . . .


Zebra Slot Canyon . . .

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. . . our special aluminum ladder has again provided us with the best services . . .

IMG_8670xx-k IMG_8678x-k
IMG_8682-k P1160697x-k

. . . and here in March - this time with snow . . .


From Escalante onto Hole In The Rock Road and park on the right after about 7 mi,
immediately after a cattle guard and fence.

Follow the trail visible to the left of the road downhill,
after 60 min you reach the wide HarrisWash, which you follow about 1.5 mi to the left, uphill.
There turn right into Zebra Canyon, you reach Zebra Slot after 1000 ft.
Round Trip it is exactly 6.5 mi and 400 ft of altitude.
If you have 2 cars, you can do the round trip according to the GPS track,
otherwise just the same way there and back from car-2.

GPS data:
Turnoff from Hwy.12 to HITRR: N37°43'39.5" - W111°31'53.1"
Parking 1st car at the HITRR: N37.38.21.8 - W111.26.44.6
Parking 2nd car: N37.38.22.0 - W111.26.44.0 (trailhead)
Turn right out of HarrisWash: N37°39'30.8" - W111°25'09.5"
Entrance Zebra Slot: N37°39'39.3" - W111°25'01.9"

The large Moqui fields are located above Zebra Slot Canyon.
When you are in front of Zebra Slot, climb up to the left and walk along the edge of the zebra.
The largest fields are on the right side of the canyon after about 1000 ft.

Center Moqui fields:  N37°39'48.7" - W111°24'54.9"
Time required completely, i.e. Zebra Slot and Moki fields (and back) about 4 hours.
Attention - no shade - take water with you!

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Update:  2021-10