Near Escalante, there is a rocky area known as Moqui Hill.
There are thousands of stone balls (Moqui Marbles).
The origin is still a mystery today.
They are 2.5 inches tall.
They have a stone shell and are filled with sand.

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Highway 12 from Escalante about 10 mi toward Boulder.
There are green mile markers on the right side of the road.
Just past mile marker 70, just before a "cattle guard",
a dirt road turns off to the right,
the Old Sheffield Road (0.5 mi after the overlook).

Follow this road curving through the rocks.
After about 4 miles, it descends into Big Spencer Flat.
After about another mile there is a longish rock on the right side of the road,
80m long rock, on the left side of the road is a metal cow gate.

On the right side in front of the rock you have to park,
there a jeep track goes to the right towards a large,
light brown rock, which stands about 800 away in the middle of the plain.
You now walk through the middle of the terrain (not following the jeep track)
towards an imaginary point about 200 m to the left of the big rock.

On this track (in the sand, some low bushes, no path, no trail)
one crosses several fields with rocky ground,
on which there are already some mokis and many shards of them.

At the height of the big rock (about 200 m to the left of it)
you will find the actual Moki Hill.
The flat rock area is relatively large, about 200 m in diameter.

In the middle is a slight elevation with the tubes,
which are made of the same material as the spheres.
However, these tubes are largely broken.
On the whole rock surface lie still today
tens of thousands of these sand-filled Moki spheres
GPS data:

Turn off Hwy.12 onto Old Sheffield Road: N37°44'34.5" - W111°26'52.8"
Downhill into Spencer Flat at: N37°43'12.2" - W111°24'15.9"
Rock where parked at:  N37°42'58.5" - W111°23'35.6"
Moki Hill: N37°42'09.2" - W111°23'15.3"

A 4WD vehicle is not required.
Attention: Moquii Hill is located in a National Monument,
taking marbles is forbidden there and is highly penalized.
The rangers observe from far away with binoculars!

Der Felsen an der Straße, vor dem geparkt wird.


View from the parking lot:
the rock in 2500ft distance the arrow points to Moqui Hill


to the Moqui Fields
at the Zebra Slot

Update:  22.11.2021