At the end of September we experienced the absolute highlight
of our southwest travels: 90 minutes charter flight around Page:

Page --> Lake Powell --> Rainbow Bridge --> Yellow Rock -->
Paria River --> The Wave --> Coyote Buttes South -->
White Pockets --> Lees Ferry - Horseshoe Bend --> Page

It was a very impressive tour, especially for that reason,
because we saw many corners we had hiked before.

The flight cost $650, but it was worth $2,000!
From 750 photos I can show here only a few.

Photographed with the
Canon 40D and Canon 24-105mm in sports use,
i.e. with 6 images per sec. through the aircraft window.

All photos have the GPS data in the Exif!

The flight route


The dam at Lake Powell near Page

Flug Page-007xs-1

Lake Powell - Supply Station

Flug Page-092xs-1

Entrance to Rainbow Bridge

Flug Page-107xs-1

Rainbow Bridge - the largest natural bridge in the world

Flug Page-138xs-1

Badlands between Bigwater and Alstrom-Point

Flug Page-207xs-1

The Cottonwood Canyon Road near Yellow Rock

Flug Page-296xs-1

The Yellow Rock at the Cottonwood Canyon Road

Flug Page-324xs-1

Paria River south of Hwy. 89

Flug Page-347xs-1

The Wave Area, in the foreground the white Top Rock

Flug Page-362xs-1

Coyote Buttes South

Flug Page-377xs-1

White Pocket

Flug Page-446xs-1

Lee´s Ferry at the Colorado

Flug Page-499xs-1

Horseshoe Bend near Page

Flug Page-517xs-1

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Flug Page-532xs-1

Update:  12.06.2020