A fisheye shot


The Teepees 0.6 mi east of the Wave


The whole Wave area with the Top Rock


The Wave from Top Rock


The Secand Wave - 600 ft west of the main wave


View from Top Rock to Wave and surroundings


1 = The Wave

2 = The Second Wave
600 ft westward

The drive from Page takes about 1 hr. A 4WD is required if it has rained previously.
A creek crossing House Rock Valley Road about 4 mi south of the turn off from Hwy. 89,
periodically makes the road impassable for non 4WD.
Often there is then a bypass about 200 left of HRVR - but here 4WD is essential.
--- --- --- --- ---
8.5 mi from Hwy. 89 is the large trailhead parking area on the right.
You put one part of the permit visible in the car,
the other part you tie on the outside of your backpack.
--- --- --- --- ---
The hike to the Wave takes about 90 min.
If it is very warm you start early, photographically the best time (Sept/Oct) is
at the Wave is from about 1 pm until sunset at the Second Wave.
Then GPS, big lamp and warm jacket are important for the way back!...

Short description outbound

Coming from Page take Hwy.89 towards Kanab.
After 36 mi, just after the big right turn, turn left onto the House Rock Valley Road.
After 4 mi you cross a muddy creek, which is often impassable for days after rain,
then you have to approach from the south!
After another 4.5 mi parking & trailhead to the right of the road.
Cross the road and follow the wash to the left for about 15 min.
At Wave-1, you leave the wash to the right uphill.
You cross the hill on wide, sandy trail down to the next wash at Wave-2.
Cross the mostly dry wash to the half-left and climb the opposite wall to Wave-3.
There you turn right and head south, preferably without losing much elevation.
At Wave-4 you pass the prominent cones, at Wave-5 you cross another mostly dry wash.
On the other side of the wash you have to climb up a steep sandy path,
but you can bypass it on solid ground to the left.

At the top it is only a few meters to the wave!
The Second Wave (The Squirl) is 600 ft southwest of it.
I recommend the climb up to the Top Rock behind the Wave -
an experience in itself with great views!

If you want to see even more, go over to the North Teepees,
which are only 1.4 km southeast and relatively easy to reach.

The GPS data

junction Hwy.89 --> House Rock Valley Road: N37° 07' 34.8" - W111° 58' 36.4"
after 4 mi critical wash: N37° 04' 09.3" - W112° 00' 04.5"
Parking & Trailhead Wirepass:  N37° 01' 08.3" - W112° 01' 30.3"

Wave-1: turn right up the wash: N37° 01' 11.3" - W112° 01' 05.5"
Wave-2: the wash after the sand hill: N37° 00' 56.5" - W112° 00' 38.8"
Wave-3: the saddle after the wash: N37° 00' 58.1" - W112° 00' 33.4"
Wave-4: the prominent cones: N37° 00' 35.8" - W112° 00' 30.0"
Wave-5: the wash in front of the Wave: N36° 59' 57.7" - W112° 00' 22.3"

The Wave: N36° 59' 45.4" - W112° 00' 22.0"
Second Wave: N36° 59' 36.6" - W112° 00' 29.3"
Intermediate point on the way to the North Teepees:
N36° 59' 26.3" - W112°00'09.6"
The North Teepees: N26° 59' 23.8" - W111° 59' 29.2"


The trail from the
trailhead at the
Hause Rock
Valley Road
to the Wave.

The sign
at the beginning
of the trail


One of the
on the trail

Who has not won a permit, drives in the same area to the White Pocket.
There it is much more interesting - with endless photo motives!


Here a helicopter lands in the Wave to help an injured person.

unfall-3 unfall-2